April 8, 2015

Your first steps to changing the world through impact business

Your first steps to changing the world through impact business


In a run-up to our Impact Business Competition, we are publishing this short post to get you inspired and excited about developing your own ideas that can bring real change.

Surely we all think about changing the world even though that is a very abstract idea. Some of us dream about getting into business either for the sake of making money or for getting ourselves busy with what we love to do. Some want to create real impact in their business, some think that ideas for change come first and then come money to sustain it. Whichever way, you can combine it all. How?

Ideation comes first. Some get ideas through personal experiences, by reading lots of literature on the topic or going into education. True, ideation might sometimes be the hardest part but with the power of community and like-minded people it should be much easier. Earlier in March we had our Impact Business Ideation Workshop so that people could get together and generate ideas. Having more than one brain working on your idea will multiply thoughts and conclusions needed to grow a business out of your idea; that leads us to the second step in the process – finding a team.

Impact Iglu was established as a community to help unite people who want to do social business and facilitate the impact startup ecosystem in Finland. We are there for you to help you find and connect to like-minded people because we believe in the power of sharing. If you are in need for another creative mind, take advantage of the groups we created for you – Impact Café group on Facebook, our Facebook community page and Helsinki Social Entrepreneurship group on Meetup.

The community is there and is, by definition, a collection of individuals that share a common purpose. Some went further than just thinking and have launched their social businesses successfully. Can you recall any names? Take a look at the excellent examples of Pure Waste Textiles, Tikau, Mifuko, and EntoCube and many others and get inspired!

What next? The word “impact” may scare you off a little bit but having an idea that tackles a societal challenge – be it unemployment, hunger, air pollution or access to clean water – and a passion to drive forward is all you need to start and we urge you to start! “Screw it, let’s do it!” says the title of one of the books by Richard Branson, great entrepreneur who created Virgin Unite foundation that approaches challenges with entrepreneurial thinking.

So what’s the next step? Register for our Impact Business Competition whether you have or have not the groundbreaking idea, we need you and your passion to help us create impact businesses and prove that Finland has talent in changing the world!

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Written by Roope Kiviranta

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