Hackathon for business ideas with impact

Impact Business Competition is for individuals and entrepreneurs who believe in the power of business to change the world. This is an opportunity to develop your idea and create a business model with the help of coaches, mentors and investors.

The competition is open for anyone to participate, whether you have or don't have an impact business idea. If you already have an idea, you don’t have to have it planned in detail - the competition is there for you to develop it from scratch using the support of fellow participants and coaches. If you don’t have an idea, you will get the chance to join whatever idea and group you like most!

Think big and bring an idea that solves a societal problem - social or environmental, be it a challenge in employment, wellbeing, health or natural environment.

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What kind of ideas are wanted?

Think big and bring an idea that solves a societal problem- social or environmental, be it a challenge in employment, wellbeing, health or natural environment. We encourage you to think freely and shape a solution that inspires you most. Think of an idea that 1) creates impact - that is, has positive effect on those affected by the problem 2) is financially viable - can be sustainable in terms of generating profits and scaling to address bigger markets. You do not have to have it all figured out with your idea - the competition is there for you to shape it in more detail working in a team and receiving feedback from coaches, mentors and judges. If you don’t have an idea, you can choose one of the ideas that will be pitched and join the one you will like most.

What do you get out of IBC 2016?

You get to work with a world-changing business idea in a unique and inspirational atmosphere for a whole weekend.

You will also get:
• access to experienced mentors and coaches
• opportunity to find passionate people to join your team
• an exciting experience of building a startup within a weekend
• 7 warm meals

IBC 2016 winners get:
• A workshop with Sitra
• A consultation with Impactor Consulting
• A chance to get into Sitra’s impact accelerator program in autumn 2016


IBC 2016 tickets are available via the following link: The fee of 20/25€ per person will cover the cost of meals provided throughout the weekend. Registration is open from 25 April until 25 May 2016 at 15.00. The event runs over the weekend and requires your full participation on each day.

Competition format

IBC 2016 is run in traditional weekend hackathon fashion - we will start on Friday evening with idea pitches and group formation. Saturday is reserved for team work, idea iteration and coaching. On Sunday teams finalise their idea and prepare their final pitch to be presented to the judging panel. Winning teams will receive prizes and opportunities to advance their ideas further.

To participate in the competition with your idea you do not have to have it planned in detail. The competition is there for you to develop it from scratch.

Will Cardwell
Will Cardwell

Will lectures on entrepreneurship and venture capital at Aalto University Executive Education and Aalto Ventures Program. Through Courage Ventures and NS Sports Management Will serves as a mentor in several accelerators, and does some angel investing as well.

Marc Dillon
Marc Dillon

Marc is the CEO of ASMO Solutions and a co-founder of Jolla. A charismatic leader with years of experience in software development and design, Marc is your go-to expert on mobile tech and devices.

Heidi Humala
Heidi Humala

Heidi works as an advisor on impact investing at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. She is also a startup CEO, an advisor to Slush Impact track and has years of experience in business incubation in emerging markets.

Jussi Hinkkanen
Jussi Hinkkanen

Jussi is the CEO of Fuzu and a seasoned leader in strategy, innovation systems and technology. Having worked for the likes of Microsoft, Nokia and the UN, Jussi has a unique understanding of both the private and the public sector in emerging markets.

Hani Tarabichi
Hani Tarabichi

Hani is a seasoned consultant, lecturer and startup coach. He’s worked as a General Manager at Chaoui & Co, consulted and trained extensively at his own PlanIt Consulting and lectured at the University of Kalamoon on entrepreneurship, marketing and management. Hani is also a co-founder of the Syrian Young Entrepreneurs Association, and has served as a judge, coach and mentor in numerous startup initiatives including Aalto Ventures Program, Aalto ES’s Pitch It and Startup Weekend Damascus.

Ilona Mooney
Ilona Mooney

Ilona is a senior consultant and social change advocate who’s especially passionate about using technology to create positive change. Ilona launched and led Slush Impact for two years, and has lived in five countries working in IT consulting, international development and a mobile music startup in Nigeria. She has wide networks in the impact startup scene, and can help teams especially when it comes to emerging markets, NGOs and fundraising.

Jenni Selosmaa
Jenni Selosmaa

Jenni (M.Sc., Econ. & Bus. Admin.) is a social entrepreneur, idea generator, mentor and coach with experience in finance and business development. Jenni is an expert in and writer on the sharing economy, with an interest in crowdfunding and new forms of funding. She is a trainer in Sitra's Impact Accelerator 2015-2016 and co-founder of Impactor Consulting and several other companies.

Saila Kokkonen
Saila Kokkonen

Saila (M.Sc., Econ. & Bus. Admin.) is an aspiring changemaker and coach with an interest in marketing an impact enterprise as an investment. Saila has international experience from Hungary, Australia, Mexico, Sweden and Kenya, where she studied social entrepreneurship and social innovation. She is a co-founder of Impactor Consulting and works with user communities at Funzi.

Richard Kaufmann
Richard Kaufmann

Richard is a communications expert with extensive experience on collaboration, startups, and impact entrepreneurship. Currently serving as the CEO of the Pings! app, he is also a co-founder of the social media agency Zipipop Freud and has worked as a creative in marketing and advertising.

Anni Laurila
Anni Laurila

Anni won Global Impact Challenge Finland 2015 and is an alumna of Singularity University at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley, where participants learned about exponential technologies and then founded companies to solve global problems. Anni is completing her master’s thesis in architecture at Aalto Uni, and has also done projects in China and Rwanda.

Pouria Kay
Pouria Kay

Pouria (M.A., International Design Business Management) is the co-founder and CEO of Gribbing. He is a multi-disciplined business innovation designer with 7 years of design background before entering the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship in 2010. Pouria is also a graduate and member of the Founder Institute. He can help teams especially with lean development and storytelling.

Povilas Valiauga
Povilas Valiauga

Povilas has been actively contributing to the startup & entrepreneurship communities both in Finland and Lithuania for over 7 years. Currently he is a partner at Courage Ventures, a company which provides entrepreneurship training and development to public and private organizations as well as startups. During the weekend Povilas will facilitate the competition and also coach teams.

FRIDAY, May 27
17:00 Registration and snacks
17:30 Kick-off & Ice-breakers
18:00 IBC 2015 Winner: Duara Travels
18:10 Pitching starts
18:30 Voting starts
19:00 Team formation starts
20:00 Teams confirmed
20:15 Done for the day

09:00 Breakfast
09:30 Work on business model canvas
10:30 Continue working
12:00 Speaker
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Coaches and mentors arrive
15:00 Validation: get out of the building
17:00 Status update
18:15 Dinner
19:00 Continue working
21:00 Done for the day

SUNDAY, May 29
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Coaches arrive
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Presentation preparation
16:00 Final call for presentations and tech check
17:00 Final pitches
18:00 Dinner
18:30 Judging and awards
20:00 Done!

Catering at IBC 2016 is provided by From Waste to Taste, a not-for-profit fighting food waste and climate change by serving high quality food made mainly of ingredients that would be wasted otherwise.


Can I join if I don’t have an idea?
Surely! You can join the competition and choose one of the ideas that will be pitched and join the one you will like most.

What if I don’t want to pitch?
Pitching is there to let all the participants know about the ideas that will be developed during the competition. If you already have a team and think that you’re all set, we still encourage you to pitch - you might get new awesome team members or receive great feedback from other contestants!

What should I talk about during my pitch?
Aim for covering the next few topics within your 1 min pitch: tell who you are, what is the problem you’re solving and describe your solution. You should also explain who you are addressing with your solution and what resources you need to make it happen - you can tell, for example, that you need a designer - this way it will be easier for attendees without ideas to join your team.